• DM103 :: LIGHTING

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    Thinking about using lights to show the different areas in which people can stand to interact with the Kinect. Maybe pin spots on the floor to show where users can stand to interact with different screens. I think lighting will add more depth to the installation. Having total darkness around the installation would be too daunting to the user in my opinion, I like the idea of the user being in “the hot seat” as it were and being shown to people watching generating their unique audio.


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    Going back to the thought of wanting the body to interact with something in order to generate audio.. We stumbled upon the Xbox 360 Kinect, recently bought by the university. This picks up body movements via infrared. After some quick prototyping with Alcwyn we had a working simulation of how it could work. Kindly being demonstrated by Tess below.

    We also like the idea of using three screens. The university have just bought a splitter to enable us to do so. If we use three screens we can add more audio potentially and immerse the user in the piece.

    This is what they could look like, 9 areas of sounds per screen.



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    After group discussions, we wanted to use the Kinect but weren’t sure on a concept. Adding sounds to the device and for them to play back was a simple idea. We thought it could be perceived as sampling/sequencing. It’s a new way of doing this.


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    In the recording studio, we recorded some drums! We recorded each individual drum so we can mix them together and create a broad range of different beats. Using Pro Tools to record, we layered them up to mix at a later date. The idea of using drums is to add a heart beat to the piece.



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    I stumbled upon this photo the other day:

    I found this image to be very aesthetically pleasing, I did some research and found the photographers website, John Miles Photography. Being the traditional photographer, he does the usual stuff like weddings, but he has also extensively traveled around the world and has listed his images in his creative section. I was reading on his blog about how he took the images, he uses a technique called HDR. I had never heard of this technique before, but I read up how to do it and I’m going to give it a go and post the results here. The images above is on St Mary’s, The Isles of Scilly.

  • DM103 :: MADE MIND MAP

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  • DM103 :: OPTION C – POST 1

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    Initial ideas:

    • Using water
    • Using the human body as an instrument
    • Using some form of tubes with pulleys

    We initially met and discussed our first responses to the brief. We liked the idea of using the human body as an instrument. This could be in many different ways, pads on the floor that react when they are stood on, some form of sensors that the user wears or using sonar.

    Using water seemed to be very prominent idea, but we couldn’t establish a method for using it.


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    Here is a link to sandpit 1, a soundscape of Falmouth Harbour.