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    So this is my first post for Communicative Communities, better late than never.

    I’m working in a group with Jake Walters, Lena Benzig and Eilidh Bennett. I joined the group last so there were already ideas floating around about what groups to work with.

    Communicative Communities

    The brief is to enhance a community group in the form of media. The whole class spent a lot of time debating what the term community means and how we define it. It was established that it needs to be a not for profit club or charity.

    The first thoughts were to work with reading groups and see how we could promote writing within the area. We initially contacted Falmouth library and were put in touch with several reading groups. After some discussion with the library, it was established that a reading group wouldn’t really benefit from the sort of help we can offer them. We then got to be speaking to someone who runs a Creative Writing academy, but it was discussed with the class and decided that it didn’t really fit the criteria.

    Where are we now

    We then decided to change to our second choice which is to work with community choirs. We initially contacted an extensive range of choirs and got loads of replies asking for our assistance. We then settled on Made Ladies Choir.

    We have had a meeting with Manda the Musical Director and established the group needs and aims. We sent over a questionnaire yesterday which is going to be handed out to the choir members and then we are going to meet with the group in a week or two in small focus groups to clearly establish the group needs.