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    I really like the idea that the atmosphere of a room can change without human intervention. For example, as the room temperature changes, the lighting would be able to change automatically. We are all use the clumsy school heaters kicking in when a room drops below a certain temperature, but why shouldn’t the light change too? After all light is something that can change mood and have lots of psychological sway on how we feel and react to different things.


    Use an arduino to control this process.

    The arduino is simple inexpensive device that would have the capability to handle then tasks I would ask of it.


    Take a simple temperature sensor and use it with the arduino to give a numeric reading of the current temperature.

    With this data we can then adjust the lighting in real time to coincide with any temperature change.

    Using LED light would be a simple way to adjust colour without the need for lots of different lighting fixtures (so build LED clusters).


    How do we create the mood? Well the lighting colour/intensity would adjust based on the temperature, to take this to a new level of personalistation, the user could wear a sensor and the lighting could adjust to one specific persons, this would then alter the mood of the whole room? You then also have the scope to control what colour the room is… When the user is cold does the room automatically go blue? Or do we look to create a new meaning for colour…



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