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    Okay, so the brief is very open on this project…

    DM 210 Language, Technology and Subjectivity.
    In the light of Post structural and Post Human debates around how identities are constructed, design and realise a media artefact or system that demonstrates critical awareness of and offers resistance to determining structures of identity formation at the level of the individual, collective or community.
    The critical dimension of your project will be developed with tutor and peer feedback through regular research presentations on your part.
    A list of research references must accompany the final piece.

    Well when I say open, in terms of what technologies to use to develop a piece, the list can be quite extensive. Myself and Jake have decided to develop a social network.

    We really like the idea of being able to “muck” with social identity and online profiles. So we are creating a new network where users have more control than the average social network.

    Users will be able to create their online profiles in the same ways they already can. There will be a range of ways in which users than define themselves. However the main difference with this piece is that users will be able to edit each others profiles. We find this a very interesting twist into how people will react and use this system. Will users simply be malicious and post pointless juvenile data, or will users post/edit beneficial, informative information about the person to whom they’re editing.

    Online Identity is a very personal thing. People have the ability to control how they are represented online. How they choose to display themselves in terms of pictures, expressing their likes, sharing personal information that otherwise might not have come up (birthdays for example). If other users can adjust this, it will be interesting to see the effects on the users who are having their profiles adjusted. All editing of other peoples profiles will be anonymous, so it will be more difficult for online relationships to effect personal relationships.

    We are currently at the first stage of development and playing with platforms on which to host our site. We are currently using Elgg and are brainstorming names for this project.

    Just to add… We decided to stay away from the documentary idea that most people are selecting as a way of communicating a response to this brief. We though an interactive installation would be more effective at communicating the key principles to online identity.



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